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Hi Queens!

a wardrobe stylist based in Boston, MA. I'm an advocate for Women Supporting Women, and a promoter of Self acceptance

Raise your hand if you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s!


Like all millennial women, I grew up with unattainable fashion, beauty, and body standards. Since I didn’t fit the mold, I quickly developed insecurities that I wasn’t prepared for.


I would wear clothing that I thought would make me “worthy” or “good enough” in the eyes of these devastating norms, at the expense of my discomfort and personal identity.  At that point in time, it was more important for me to dress to impress others rather than myself. As a result, I developed the damaging habit of constantly second-guessing myself, never fully enjoying the person that I was becoming.


However, there’s a positive spin to this story. Through self-reflection over the years, I worked hard to develop love for the woman that I was and continue to become. Through positive affirmations, not comparing myself to others, and self care, I am now confident in dressing to impress myself. 


I created Artavay because it is my mission to guide millennial women towards the path of celebrating who they have become and  empowering themselves in their journey.  Being a woman of color, curvy, and petite, I understand first-hand the struggle of dressing oneself due to societal constraints and the lack of inclusivity within the fashion industry. I am proud to be a Black Stylist and to share my knowledge and expertise to women of all shapes, sizes, and colors.   


Say goodbye to the unobtainable beauty, fashion, and body standards that you have grown to resent, and say hello to the beautiful and empowered woman that you are!


Always remember, dress to impress yourself, without seeking approval from others.


Dress to impress yourself!

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