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The Liberating Closet Detox

Let me me know if you can relate...


-You’re still hoarding clothes from college!

-Your closet has turned into a time capsule!

-You continue to wear the same few outfits to avoid the inevitable frustration!

-You're missing key wardrobe essentials which makes it impossible to create outfits!

-You're ready to start fresh and gain control over your wardrobe!


If any of these sound like you, then girl you need me!

The truth of the matter is you’re not alone. A lot of women are still holding onto clothes that no longer serve them a purpose. Say bye bye to your outdated wardrobe that has stunted your style from flourishing. It’s time take back your power with your liberating closet detox. 


What's Next...



Once you’ve booked The Liberating Closet Detox package we will have a 40 minute call.  During this time we will discuss package details, style goals, and style concerns. 



We will create a clean slate by removing all items that no longer serves you a purpose. During your wardrobe assessment we’ll determine which items to keep, sell, or donate.  



You’ll photograph and upload your personal beloved items into your virtual closet. This way we can pinpoint your wardrobe gaps and I’ll be able to make accurate recommendations for exiting and new items. 

What's Included...

-40 minute style strategy call

-90 minute virtual wardrobe detox 

-Wardrobe essential list

-Style look book with 10+ outfit variations

-Access to virtual closet for 30 days

-60 minute virtual try on and look review


Bonus: On demand style support via Voxer app for 30 days! 

Are you done with "Purchase Regrets" due to a lack of clarity on your style identity

Oh YES you are!

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