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How To Shop Sale Like It's A Sport!

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Welcome back Stylish Friends! It's officially our second Meeting In The Fitting Room! This week we are exploring sale shopping, I hope you enjoy this read.


Is there an award for finding the best price??? If not, this should be implemented immediately. We earned this award because, finding the lowest price is a sport and we are all MVPs. We deserve to have confetti falling from the sky and Beyonce serenading us to our car with our award in hand.

I mean…WE DID THAT!!!!!

Sale shopping is the most electrifying shopping a girl could desire. The rush of purchasing at 70% off is like, walking in Louboutin heels that feels like sneakers. Sometimes when we discover a STEEP discount, it feels like we’re stealing. We may second-guess ourselves like; “Was this marked wrong?” or “Is this priced correctly?” Then, we come back to our senses and jump internally with joy!!

Once again… WE DID THAT!!!!!!

I realized that a lot of women aren’t approaching sale shopping in a way to win! The Goal is to maximize your coins!! I created this guide to detail How to Shop Sale Like It's a Sport.

1. Closet Detox

First, start by detoxing your closet of items that no longer serves your current style identity. Once completed, create a list of items to replace or add to your wardrobe. By doing this you’ll know exactly what you need and don’t need.

2. Don’t Create Desire Until You’re Ready!

Imagine, you’re browsing and you fall in love with the perfect dress but, you’re not ready to purchase. It’s been a few days and now you’re ready to buy… however, the dress is SOLD OUT! Now you’re stuck with the devastating feeling of PURCHASE REGRET. Avoid this heart ache by, never creating desire for an item on sale until you’re ready. Sale is in high demand and everyone wants what you want! Don’t break your heart by taking a look before it’s your time.

3. Wait, Don’t Rush Greatness!

There’re always additional markdowns as the sale progresses. So, wait until 2-3 weeks of the sale going live to shop. Trust me, you won’t miss out on anything! Once again, the goal is to maximize your coins!! During this time more items would have been added to and the store would have implemented an additional markdown. If you purchased before the additional markdown, it’s normally difficult to get a price adjustment. So, wait it out.

4. Do Your Research

It’s important to research before you rush into purchasing. It’s common that multiple stores will sell the same item for different prices. Never purchase without confirming you’re paying the lowest available price. Use apps like Shopsavy- Barcode Scanner or BuyVia to compare prices before cashing out.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Download apps for stores that you'll be visiting in person.

  • *Fun Fact*: Many times, sale items in store are marked lower on the website or vice versa. If you show proof of the price difference you will be granted the lower price!!

  • **BONUS Fun Fact** Sometimes stores receive online returns and mark these items to a steep discount in order to clear out inventory. I call this the COME UP! Always scan before you buy, you never know what additional savings are waiting for you.

5. Keep Your Self in Check!

Girl, sometimes you have to get YOUR SELF together. Before creating desire and purchasing ask yourself these questions.

Say Self

1. Does this item fit my style identity?

2. Do I already own something similar or can this replace something I already own?

3. Do I currently have pieces that will complement this item?

4. Where am I going in this?

This way you will eliminate buying items that are “pointless” and closet clutter.

6. Take Your Time!

Provide yourself with adequate time for stress free shopping. You don’t want to miss out on amazing finds or rush into purchasing something that doesn’t bring you Style Joy! We want to avoid cluttering your closet with meaningless items.

7. Shop Trends

Trends should be use to enhance your wardrobe essentials. There’re loads of amazing trends that you may love but, maybe aren't worth your money at full price. Save your coins because sale is the perfect time to try them out! Pay close attention to trends that will be “classics” in your wardrobe. Feel free to add inexpensive trendier trends to keep your look current.

8. Bring a friend

Shopping is always fun when there’s someone to vibe off of.

Make finding the best price and maximizing your money a friendly completion. Who purchased more items and saved the most?!? Also, your friend can keep you on track to avoid purchase regrets

and buying nonsense.

9. Inspect Inspect Inspect!

Before cashing out, give each item a detailed inspection. There’s nothing more annoying than realizing your item is damaged once you’re home. Some companies may offer an additional discount on damage items. If you are offered an additional discount, be sure to verify the return policy for this item.

10. Have FUN!

They don’t call it retail therapy for nothing. Get your favorite Starbucks drink in a VENTI, find your inner Zen, and distress while saving! Once, your done, look up for the (imaginary) falling confetti because, YOU DID THAT!!!

I can’t wait to hear about your amazing finds and savings. Of course, end your shopping spree with a Happy Dance!!!

With Style,

-Artavia Lavay

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