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UN-BE-LEAF-ABLE! Top 5 Neck Breaking Fall 2020 Trends to Try!

Hi ladies, welcome to this week’s Meeting in the Fitting Room; this week’s topic is Fall fashion! I know you’re sad that Summer is officially over. You’re missing those longer days and warmer nights with no cares insight. (Hey, I’m a poet and didn’t even know it! Ha that rhymed too “smile”) But, there’s joy in Fall, I’m talking about FALL STYLE JOY!!!

Are you still not excited for Fall style?? Well think about it this way, in the summertime it’s too hot to give a full LOOK and in winter we’re covering up our LOOKS with a puffy winter coat. So, Fall is our time to SLAY and show out!!!

Here in The Fitting Room we love to keep our wardrobe staples current by incorporating trends of the season. We also, believe that style is accessible regardless of age, size or budget. To help you transition into your Fall wardrobe, we’ve selected 5 Fall trends that are closet staples. These trends can be paired together to create an IMAPCTFUL look.

1. Monochromatic- Say goodbye to the traditional black or white monochromatic outfits. This Fall we are stepping it up a notch by incorporating color to this timeless trend. Now, fashion is including vibrant colors such as pinks, reds, and greens to modernize this classic style statement. The best part about this trend is there’s no wrong way to do it! As long as you’re wearing a color family, you’ve succeeded this look!

2. Leather on Leather- Are you ready to look and feel like a BADASS? Leather on leather gives us an 80’s biker-chick vibe with a twist! This trend adds edgy texture to elevate any look. Depending on your style comfort, you can explore this trend in different ways. If you want to go all in, try a leather top, leather bottom and leather boots. If you want to tip-toe into this trend, try a leather pleated skirt with leather heels. Both looks work perfectly to slay this trend.

3. Rust- Just when you thought color was only for Spring and Summer, Fall says, count me in, I can be a stunner too! Rust is perfect for women who don’t fancy wearing reds or oranges, but who still, wants vibrancy in their wardrobe. This color works perfectly on all skin tones and adds a warm color to any look. If you find rust colored clothing a bit overbearing, then try rust colored accessories. A pair of rust earrings or a rust handbag will do the trick!

4. Brown- For the past few years, Fall fashion has focused on nudes, beiges; and caramels; and completely neglected this rich color classic. Brown is perfect for the women who already own tons of black clothing. Not only will brown add a different color perspective to your wardrobe but, it works perfectly as another “nude” color. Like black, brown pairs well with all color families. So, instead of an additional black piece, try brown to add a rich warm tone. Contrary to popular belief, you can also make a statement by pairing brown and black.

5. High Shine- The holiday season isn’t the only time of year to add High Shine to your wardrobe. Enhance your traditional cozy sweaters and suede boots with a little glamor. This Fall, High Shine can be found in metallic boots, sequin blazers, gem embellishments and more. This trend can be styled differently depending on the occasion and style comfort. High Shine isn’t recommended for a total look, but rather as a complement to your outfit. If you’re overwhelmed by this trend, try a metallic handbag or sparkly shoes. Both items can be paired with any traditional Fall look.

Now, do you see how transitioning into Fall isn’t so bad after all? They’re so many amazing trends for you incorporate into your Fall wardrobe. So, cheer up friends and be excited for your Fall fashion wardrobe, because this is your year to KILL IT! In case you forgot why Fall is so great, three words… PUMPKIIN- SPICE-EVERYTHING!

Happy Fall Queens! See you in our next Meeting in the Fitting Room!

-With Style

Artavia Lavay

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